ConsciousCreation; symbol
Conscious Creation;
Consciousness Pioneers;
Spiral Circum point  ;



ConsciousCreation; symbol
Conscious Creation;
Consciousness Pioneers;
Spiral Circum point  ;

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Conscious Creation;


August 2014 I was really feeling in my life’s category: ‘action’ and questioning myself: “What do you really want to do in your life, Geert?”

Doing something in line with my philosophies and my process and in line with my choice and allowance for embodied consciousness as a New Energy Master (teaching by example without preaching).
A Consciousness Pioneer without trying to change people but still making a conscious contribution to humanity and still experiencing true freedom.

What’s happening in the world and where it’s headed for?
--- It’s all about mass consciousness. Our life, our reality is the expression of it ---.

We can only Consciously Change it by “Being the Change as Conscious Creators of our own life. Then it will create an energy that radiates into Collective Consciousness for those who are willing to make the changes too.

So by being a Standard, it has the potential to change this planet.
For me acting as a true Consciousness Pioneer. And because it’s my passion, it will work.

Be the change means consciously creating your life and taking full responsibility for your life and your own creations (by Believing is Seeing) and for all things that are within Your Life.

On 13th August 2014 I had an insight of offering a
new symbol to the world as my contribution and my part as being the change without trying to change anything or anyone.


A symbol for humans to use as a personal acknowledgement as a Conscious Creator and their way of expressing it to the world and inspiring others by wearing it --- without any connections, registering, memberships, being part of organisations, groups and beyond any color, race, nations or politics.

Making a Conscious Choice as a Conscious Creator to “Be the Change”.


Expressing it, as it is the only way to do it.
Change can only be achieved by ‘Being the Change”.

Changing from inside out as a Conscious Creator of your Universe (YOU-niverse).

You directly can’t change any other person but you can inspire them.

You can show other Conscious Creators that they are not alone.



Conscious Creation or Creation by Consciousness means:
live by inspiration
not by replaying memories of the past
living by accident

I AM changing my personal relationship with energy, 
going from the Law of Attraction to the new 
I am, Center of Creation.


life by your design ( There is no plan. Life has no meaning, You give life meaning!


For myself I see a role in promoting and explaining this creation and start offering this to the world as a true Consciousness Pioneer.