ConsciousCreation; symbol
Conscious Creation;
Consciousness Pioneers;
Spiral Circum point  ;



ConsciousCreation; symbol
Conscious Creation;
Consciousness Pioneers;
Spiral Circum point  ;

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Believe2C ; Believe 2C; B2C; template ;Consciousness Pioneers;  ConsciousCreation;
Conscious Creation;


What is Conscious Creation?

There were, for quite some time, already two important symbols In my life …  

The Spiral (….in several variations and similarities.. Spiral, Fractal, YinYang, Flower of Life, Circle of Life, Metatron Cube, ‘Fibonacci- sequence’, Hunab Ku and Owia kokroko) for me all related to Creation.


The Circum Point as Consciousness, introduced to me by Adamus (Saint Germain) channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe at The Crimson Circle at several gatherings (shouds) from 2010-2014. (link)

I was studying facets of Quantum Physics, Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics, Holographic Universe and Law of Attraction and, let’s simplify it to you as Believing is Seeing..  (link to LifeByDesign)

Creation is what we do every split second of the day, thousands of times, choosing a ‘reality-frame’, it’s automatic, mostly unconsciously. What we create depends on the vibrating frequency or energy we are on. Every thought, Your true beliefs, perceptions and even expectations have specific frequencies and manifest instantly (in the Now moment) a reality (like consecutive slices of a bread or slides in a projector) in our own YOU-niverse (so it looks as if we are moving (forward) into life..). The chosen reality is your actuality. We call it life or living.

Your physical reality (out of many parallel realities as possibilities, chosen as your actuality) is just a reflection of what you ‘most strongly’ believe to be true. It reflects your ‘State of Being’. Only the Now moment exists, there is no past or future.

~~ Circumstances don't matter ; State of Being MATTERS ~~

Thoughts are related to the mind ; the mind only knows the past as memories, so the mind will associate everything with the past and tries to identify with it. To give it identity. Your identity and You believe that’s You. Be careful because thoughts are very deceptive. Most of Your thoughts are not even Yours!

So it is very important to have Inspiration and Creativity! So don’t be realistic but
Consciously Creative!


Put Consciousness in the equation! In all the things you do… which means what you create. Not as a discipline, not mentally. Just be Conscious. Stop or break your unconscious patterns. Do them consciously. Be aware, Be in consciousness while you live. Do it by allowing, total surrender and stop resisting and fighting yourself. Experiencing and integrating your aspects in life by all-embracing compassion from your heart.

Because the creation, as stated before, goes automatic. So allow and follow your passion. Letting that passion out, letting it come forth. “Be who you really are” (your core-frequency).

~~ You don't create What You Want, but What You Are! ~~

Consciousness is about the
Now moment – Awareness. Only the Now moment exists, there is no past or future.

Conscious Creation or Creation by Consciousness means:

live by inspiration
not by replaying memories of the past 
living by accident

I AM changing my personal relationship with energy, 
going from the Law of Attraction to the new I am, Center of Creation.


A life by your design ( There is no plan. Life has no meaning, You give life meaning!


Consciousness & Creation led to merging the representation of those two symbols into a new symbol: ConsciousCreation


~~ “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing
would suffice to solve most of the world's problems”  ~~
Mahatma Gandhi


Believing is Seeing .. Believe 2C .. To See(2C)…. the change in the World.

Or whatever…(you want 2C)


As a Conscious Choice to a Conscious Creation, in Co-Creation, making a Conscious Contribution to the Common Community to see (2C) a Conscious Change in Collective Consciousness…


All info about the ConsciousCreation -symbol:
Realization, symbol meaning, background and expression.  

Be the Change; See the change ; Believe2C ; Believe 2C ; Believing is seeing;
B2C template 
ConsciousCreation; symbol
Conscious Creation;
Consciousness Pioneers;
Spiral Circum point  ;