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Consciousness Pioneer is one who explores new realms of consciousness and awareness.

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My real job is a Consciousness Pioneer. It’s the best job in the world.

Although the Consciousness Pioneer does not do their job in order to save the world or to be spiritual social workers, their work has a profound impact on… everything.  

Consciousness Pioneers poke holes in the ceiling of Mass Consciousness so that others may eventually break free of their barriers. By exploring the Unknown and Uncreated they set the standard for others who one day may choose their liberation. 

The ultimate frontier for a Consciousness Pioneer is freedom. 
 It’s the realization of the I Am. It’s being free of illusions, relying on others, karma, distractions, limitations and the past. 
 Once this freedom is realized and embodied, 
the Consciousness Pioneer adds a new line to their business card:



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 ConsciousCreation - symbol

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