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Illusion of progress


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This really is a wonderful quote isn’t it?

There is quote after quote on Facebook and and there were hundreds of comments and shares for each image with a quote on it. 

I noticed friends commenting or sharing these quotes on their timeline. Then I noticed that someone had shared a quote that they weren’t living to but they professed to be. I thought they may just be trying to make out they were more than they were and dismissed it.

But then I noticed more and more comments and shares from people who were not living to these quotes, but… they genuinely thought they were!

So I begun to wonder what was going through their mind when they read a quote that was obviously correct. You read that and inside your mind, you say, “Yes it is…” Or something similar…
Basically you agree with it… You feel good… Your ego says yes, well done for doing it and making progress… It may even tell you to reward yourself as you’re on the journey and you are making progress…

But it’s just an illusion of progress…

The reality is, you’ve not moved on and are actually stuck but you feel you are moving forward… 
This is an amazing illusion
 which keeps hundreds of millions of people trapped. Maybe you too? The truth is you may be on the journey, but the whole truth is you’re still sitting at the station and have no ticket.


So what’s happening?

Your ego loves quotes, loves books and loves anything you do that gives you the illusion of progress. But a reality of no progress…

Those persons say how much progress they are making. But they’re not. Their ego has them totally fooled, by the illusion of progress.

This is almost exactly the same as people who study book after book and make no progress…

Consider it yourself, read one of similar quotes and feel what’s going on inside your mind…

You’ll feel like you’ve made progress as soon as you’ve read it! I suggest you try it to every quote UNTIL you get the feeling, though you should have it on the first quote.

Now here’s the thought structure I use to stop myself falling into the trap of thinking I’m making progress when I’m not…

I read the quote:  “Be the change you want to see in the world”  and I stop and consider it… I ask myself, “Am I being the change I want to see in the world?” 

I’m not looking for a yes or no to come out straight away, and if one does then I question if that’s real or if it’s my ego answering for me to continue the illusion. What I’m looking for is to just consider the quoteWhat happens is that I’ve pulled the cover back on the potential illusion and can now allow the wisdom of the quote to take effect.

As I think about it, I may begin thinking, I am being the change, but is there more I could easily do? … Yes there is, you could do this as well. If I do that then will I enjoy my life more as a result… Well it will take you on a different path. Is that the path I should go on…"  
"Well it will create an energy that radiates into collective consciousness... it has the true potential to change this planet...   As my Contribution...

And it goes on… Me considering it and thinking, am I living to it?…

This thought structure makes me actually consider the wisdom of this wonderful quote and what I am doing with my life. This is changing my thinking in the process, and my world is changing as a result.

Because of this simple thought structure I am making continuous, tiny, never ending course corrections in exactly the same way as a pilot makes continuous, tiny, course corrections when flying a plane.

What happens is that as you consider options without looking for decisions… Then the right way will find itself, and you’ll alter the neural-pathways in your mind.

Consider thise quote again… And this time run the simple thought structure,

‘Am I living my life to this?’

But before you begin, remember this…

If you’re not, then your ego will want to chastise you and tell you that you’re bad! A loser! Or whatever… These statements are not true! Because before this moment no one had taught you how to think this way to extract the wisdom…

So AS your ego attempts to have a go at you, then turn it around with this…

1) I am delighted with myself for discovering this, as now I can make progress… And, give me a break as I’ve only just learnt this!

That should silence the little beastie… 

(excerpt from Avoiding the Illusion of progress

So...  Do or Do Not.. There is No Try !!!
So Be It! 

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